Consciousness is a space for ideas to amalgamate in various ways and inspire the perception of our world. Since thinking is what humans do 24/7 — you are constantly living in your own idea space. At every single moment. Even this one. This is an extension to mine. Welcome.

Idea Space

Ever wondered how star forms? Well, here’s how.

The celestial journey. 1 solar mass, M☉, is the mass of our sun, 2x10³⁰ kg.

The celestial journey is an interesting one for mankind. For years, we looked up at the sky and asked it questions that have long been forgotten. However, what is most easily forgotten is that most material is made from star stuff. You, me, and Dupree (zinger)! As the great Carl Sagan said,

“We’re made of star stuff. We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

We must remember that after the Big Bang, the only elements prominent in our universe were simply hydrogen (75%) and helium (~24.5%). There was a…

A proof showing that spacetime is uncountable.


Clement Decrop

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